As a photographer I am drawn to exploring and documenting wilderness  and people living wilder lives. I find fragments of it in urban areas on a daily basis. I get to see and experience an abundance of it when I go back to my childhood summer house. There I find myself in a world replete with memories and feelings of passing time.  My imagination and sense of adventure is satiated with things I get to do, and the wilder self I get to be as I continue with undying summer rituals. My photos are the records taken at these heightened moments in order to preserve them and be a window to my inner world. 
I pay great attention to colours in creating my visual world.

I am always inspired by colours that are naturally soothing for the eye like the deep blues of the lake or a thicket of a forest. My use of medium format film camera adds to the nostalgic feeling of my photos that explore feelings of going back, summer holidays, living a wilder life.

My other area of interest and inspiration is urban landscape. I look for details and elements that are somewhat surreal. I pursuit bright colours and complex shapes that stand out in otherwise grey city landscape.